37C3 is back in Hamburg, and the cluster is located in the eastern corner of hall 3 on the ground floor (c:0:135.5:159.25).

CDC Location at 37C3

The Critical Decentralisation Cluster is organised by RIAT, Department of Decentralization, FOSSASIA, Namecoin, Replicant, the Social Distortion Protocol, and Swiss Cryptoeconomics.

Critical Decentralisation at 37C3

The Critical Decentralisation Cluster at the 37th Chaos Communication Congress (37C3) is an area and grouping of similar minded projects, which are offering workshops and host a space to critically discuss the future of decentralization.

The cluster consists of a recording stage as well as a workshop area for the assemblies and similar minded groups and projects. Part of the cluster is a coffee area, as well as space to hack, work, and learn. Please register in our FRAB to submit content for the cluster: http://frab.riat.at