Critical Decentralisation at 37C3

The Critical Decentralisation Cluster on the Chaos Communication Congress is an area and grouping of different “assemblies”, which are working together and presenting projects, workshops and a space to critically discuss the future of decentralisation.

The habitat is located in the eastern corner of hall 3 on the ground floor (c:0:135.5:159.25).

CDC Location at 37C3

List of confirmed assemblies for 37C3

We also welcome other assemblies and groups in the categories Privacy & Anonymity, Coded Cultures and Open Hardware.

In the past years the cluster consisted of a recording stage as well as two workshop areas for the assemblies and similar minded groups and projects. Part of the cluster also has been a coffee area from Paralelni Polis, as well as a historic overview of “process artefacts” from the RIAT archive.

List of past assemblies at the cluster