Our cluster is located at Assembly Habitat, K4-L5, Exhibition Hall 2, Level 0.

Critical Decentralisation Cluster at 35C3 - location in the area

Detailed cluster layout

Critical Decentralisation Cluster at 35C3 - detail view

What is a cluster?

Clusters (in the terms of C3) are groupings of assemblies and provide the necessary infrastructure, space and context for specific experiences. In our case, we are providing an area for outreach and exchange in the categories Privacy & Anonymity, Coded Cultures and Open Hardware. The cluster is organised by RIAT and the Monero Community and is made possible through a lot of voluntary work and support from individuals. Read our mission statement and learn how you can support us.

Talks and workshops

We have a recording stage, with slots for presentations. Please register a talk or workshop in the FRAB system if you want to participate. Workshops can be held in the dedicated workshop areas, please also enter them in the FRAB system.

Quick facts

Our cluster is located at Assembly Habitat, K4-L5, Exhibition Hall 2, Level 0. Our DECT phone number is 7428 or “RIAT”. Here is the 35c3 wiki page for the cluster.

What is the CCC / C3?

The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) is the largest (and oldest) hacker association in Europe and was founded in 1981. Originating from Germany, it has spread over Europe and organizes numerous events, such as the annual Chaos Communication Congress. The congress takes place between christmas and new years eve, since 1984. It is considered one of the largest (over 15,000 attendees) events of this kind, alongside the DEF CON in Las Vegas.

History of RIAT and Monero at C3

Individual members of the assemblies are frequent visitors to the C3, some even since the last milennium.

In 2015 (32C3) we have been at C3 with the apertus AXIOM project.

In 2016 (33C3) the RIAT Crypto Assembly featured crypto-based workshops with Monero, and Tomu 2FA devices. It was the initial (mini) implementation of Monero at C3. In this year the Bitcoin Assembly was the only other cryptocurrency assembly.

In 2017 (34c3) we organised an assembly for Monero and for RIAT, so we could then have a combined RIAT/Monero/Bitcoin Village. The Monero December meetup in Vienna served as a real-life meeting in order to prepare the Monero Assembly. Communication and organisation was via hackpad and via reddit. Besides the assembly there was the self-organised stage, where different Monero-related talks could be presented to a large audience (here on the example of Monerujo).

This year (35C3) our cluster has been growing. Come and visit us!