The Critical Decentralisation Cluster is an initiative started by RIAT and the Monero Community and has the following aims:

  • To critically discuss decentralisation in all its facets: thematizing privacy vs. transparency, private cryptocurrency, headless organisations, immutable code, future (code) governance and open vs. libre technologies.
  • To discuss Open Hardware, libre hardware and its limits.
  • To provide a space for exchange and outreach in the context of privacy technologies.
  • To foster interdisciplinary work and an inclusive practice to improve crypto-literacy as well as technological literacy.
  • To advocate critical projects and intitiatives in this context and to open them up to a larger audience of peers.
  • To test and create new workshops, materials and videos for

One dedicated aim of the cluster is to accumulate the necessary infrastructure to organise it every year at the C3, and to have this available also throughout the year for events, presentations and workshops. Initial donations have been made by XMR.TO and a few anonymous individuals, hardware and equipment have been provided by RIAT. Most of the expenses have been made by individuals, you can support us with donations in crypto, fiat or equipment :)

We are also using the setting at the 35C3 in order to gain insights for future events - in this context we are evaluating different tools and workflows to support future events such as the Monero Conferenco 2019. We are testing conference management (FRAB), recording and streaming, as well as best-practices.

List of current equipment


  • Sony A7 Camera Set, Sony A7 III Camera Set
  • 2x Sony RX100
  • Closeup-camera mount for hardware and tangible things
  • BMD television studio
  • RAW recording and streaming setting


  • fully equipped stage [various sources]
  • 2x Opera Modular 212 active speakers
  • Mackie VLZ-1012 mixer
  • Various microphones


  • domain and hosting [RIAT]
  • designs, prints, folders [Open Publishing Lab]