Critical Decentralisation Cluster at 35C3

The Critical Decentralisation Cluster on the Chaos Communication Congress (35C3) is an area and grouping of different “assemblies”, which are working together and presenting projects, workshops and a space to critically discuss the future of decentralisation.

The cluster on 35C3 is organised by RIAT and the Monero Community. We also host other assemblies in the categories Privacy & Anonymity, Coded Cultures and Open Hardware.

The cluster consists of a recording stage as well as two workshop areas for the assemblies and similar minded groups and projects. Part of the cluster is a coffee area from Paralelni Polis, as well as a historic overview of “process artefacts” from the RIAT archive.

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Current list of assemblies at the cluster:

There are various projects and groups at the cluster, which can be found in the projects page.